Expansion of Aux Sends on DA7

Posted by: eaeriel

Expansion of Aux Sends on DA7 - 10/27/19 03:50 PM

I've owned 2 DA7's (second one is currently for parts as the computer broke many years ago). I am wanting to expand the amount of outboard, time-based effects. I don't know if getting a second working unit and a tandem card is the only way (or even if the tandem card actually expands the aux sends / returns).

I suppose I could look into the patchbay option, but it's not how I typically work and takes recall possibilities further and further away.

I want to be able to run up to 4 stereo input effects/reverb units without doing a major overhaul to my setup. Anyone have ideas? I've also considered buying a Sony DMX R100, but I feel, like the DA7 I'd need to purchase two of them to be able to do my own (or shop) work on them.

Posted by: Brent

Re: Expansion of Aux Sends on DA7 - 11/11/19 08:36 AM

A tandem set up doesn't increase the number of aux sends or buses. However, if I needed more fx sends, used to use buses as sends. Actually, that's one of the reasons I installed an analog card in the second DA-7
Posted by: eaeriel

Re: Expansion of Aux Sends on DA7 - 11/12/19 03:37 AM

Thank you! I was thinking there might be a way to use buses to do this, however my analog card is mostly tapped out. I think I will look though. I also started bussing out the aux returns because the buses allow eq'ing and dynamics, which the aux returns don't. I'd definitely rather avoid buying my third DA7! (just because I have enough bulky stuff already)