DA7 ADAT - how to unlock the slots?

Posted by: neo80

DA7 ADAT - how to unlock the slots? - 10/13/17 06:08 PM

Hi there,
some days ago i was lucky to get a RAMSA D7, smile

Now, since today i got 2 DA7-ADAT cards, built in my RAMSA.
They do appear in the I/O menue, but in the lower left, the slot fields are all crossed by a line. And it looks like:

SLOT 1 (crossed) ADAT UNLOCK

i connected the ADAT cable to it, (from the out of the DA7-unit to the in of an apollo twin),and set the channels to the Adat-Channels. Now it works, but the SLOTS are still crossed by a line...how can i unlock the slots

Any advice would be wonderful from you guys!

cheers smile
Posted by: Dan Weiss

Re: DA7 ADAT - how to unlock the slots? - 10/23/17 11:38 AM

You want to lock, not unlock the slots.

Most likely you have both the DA7 and your Apollo trying to be the wordclock master. The device you record through should be the master. If that's the Apollo then set the DA7 wordclock to lock to the adat back where the Apollo is connected. If you're using preamps from both devices I'd use that config as well.
Posted by: Rocket

Re: DA7 ADAT - how to unlock the slots? - 12/12/18 06:59 PM

My first DA7. I have one ADAT card in slot 2 Running to an RME Digiface (old PCI version). Samplitude DAW. I will be using the preamps on the DA7. Have the RME set to clock from ADAT in. Card is showing UNLOCK. Any tips or tricks I'm missing?

The DA7 came with 3 cards installed:
Slot 1 AES
Slot 2 ADAT
Slot 3 AD/DA
Posted by: Rocket

Re: DA7 ADAT - how to unlock the slots? - 12/13/18 07:01 PM

Got it to LOCK! A few times looking at the manual and changing the RME Digiface to master. It locked but only 4 channels would play back. re-checked everything...same problem. Did a restart on the DA7 and LOCK with all 8. There is a "soft" restart shortcut that I will need to keep handy.