Hey Carl,

Yeah, the ringing did stop and it hasn't reoccurred since. Like yours, it would come and go.

You'd be smart to see a doctor. That's who told me about the aspirin.

When the ringing started, I kept trying to think of loud noises that I had been exposed. I couldn't really think of any except 1 time I had the guitar turned up a little too loud. By I kind of knew in my heart that that wasn't the problem. I used to play A LOT louder.

As for how it started>>>> I started swimming about 3/4 of a mile every day. I was out of practice so my muscles were sore. I also got drunk a few times when my brother was in town. I know.. really classy. It was the aspirin I was taking for hangover/soreness.

You might check on those vitamins. My doc may have mentioned some sort of herbal supplement or vitamin that could cause the problem. I wasn't really paying attention to that part, b/c I don't take vitamins. But I seem to vaguely remeber him mentioning some herb or something. You should check it out

Anyway, GOod luck.
XM radio saved my life