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#38164 - 11/19/01 12:53 PM Louder - again

I track through the outboard pres or the DA7 pres to the Adat XT-20's and lock up to Performer - the old version 4.2 - and mix to the Masterlinks 9600. As I track, I try to keep the dynamics in check, using the Avalon 737's compressor or the DA7 compresors, and when I mix, I use the DA7's compressors. On the Masterlinks, I will often Normalize (unless the CD is going out to be mastered) BUT everyone says that the levels on the Masterlink's CD are much lower in volume than pro CD's. Aside from using the compressors on the Master strip of the DA7 or compressing individual tracks even more, how do I get the CD up in volume - using the equipment I have now? I find compressing can dull a sound. I have tried limiting the signals as I track and compressing during mixes. How do the rest of you do it? Hopefully, I will be using Digital Performer in the new year. Thanks.

#38165 - 11/19/01 03:20 PM Re: Louder - again
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The Da7 compressors are not really appropriate for mastering or compressing a mix (they don't sound that good). If you use DP, try upgrading to DP 3 and use either the limiter that comes with it or buy the Waves Bundle that has the L1 and the the Ren. Comp and the C4. Another very decent option is the T-racks mastering software for about $200 something bucks; it can make a mix loud and still sound very good.

#38166 - 11/19/01 06:00 PM Re: Louder - again
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Carl, there are many factors that govern the *apparent* volume of your mixes, and none of them have anything to do with the Masterlink.

One of the biggest reasons is that most new music produced commercially these days is processed to death with esoteric gear to make it as LOUD as possible, under the impression that that somehow makes it "better". No dynamic range whatsoever. You cannot directly compare the *apparent* volume of your mixes against these types of recordings because you do not have access to the same types of gear that pro mastering houses have.

Also, a big factor is how you mix: for example, if you boost a guitar lead 2db at 2khz, it will sound "louder" than if you boost it 2db at 500hz - but the overall volume (what is actually read on the meters) will have increased the same amount in either case. Maybe that's not a great example, but it sort of illustrates my point: there's a lot you can do to a mix to increase it's *apparent* volume without raising it's actual volume. Everyone struggles with this issue eventually - with experience you will learn what it takes to make louder mixes.
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