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#31701 - 07/11/99 09:11 AM ADATs, Surround Sound, etc

Firstly this looks like a great forum - well done Justin and all the other contributors.

I have just placed an order for a DA7 plus 3x ADAT XT-20 for up to 24 tracks. I am now thinking about how to make it all work!

1. What is preferred device (excluding BRC) for synching the DA7 with ADATS including midi control of transport functions? Is MOTU Digital Time Piece better than JL Cooper Datasync2? Other options?

2. Is anyone using surround sound with ADATS? How do you organise the monitoring when sending the 6 surround channels via light pipe?

3. I am planning a live recording of 18 tracks (no over dubs). The 1st 16 tracks will be channels 1-16 going to tracks on ADAT cards in slots 1 & 2. Is it possible to input the remaining two channels (line level) via AUX returns and route them to two tracks on ADAT card in slot 3?


#31702 - 07/12/99 03:18 AM Re: ADATs, Surround Sound, etc
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Brian, I have the DTP and it works great! I'd highly recommend either an Aadrvark AardSyncII as your wordclock master, or make the DA7 the WC master feeding the DTP. With MIDI I/O between the DA7 and DTP you do have MTC from the DTP to the DA7 as well as MMC from the console to the ADATs... geez are there enough acronymns there?!

As far as recording two channels via aux returns to ADAT slot 3, you'd have to look at the DIGI I/O page to confirm that you can route that directly... since I'm not in front of my DA7 I can't answer that for you.

Surround monitoring is covered in the manual, I believe.


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