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#146831 - 08/18/19 03:15 PM saw this. from 2018
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#146834 - 10/09/19 05:16 PM Re: saw this. from 2018 [Re: timidi]
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I'm actually doing pre-production on a local Memphis band and will record them in a small church chapel soon. I'm thinking real hard about doing it with my DA7 and a Pro Tools Ultimate rig along with some other pres and Apogee AD16X, DA16X, Rosetta 800, Avid Omni. I'll use the DA7 for pres and cue mix, maybe even submixing the outputs of Pro Tools into the Omni for monitoring via SPDIF. If you're sticking with 44.1 or 48 KHz sampling rates the DA7 can and will hold it's own as long as you know it's limits.
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